Project update & Effie Award win

It is indeed with great pride that we would like to inform you all that WORDS Advertising & the Colours of Courage Trust was successful in winning the only Gold Award at the recently concluded Effie Awards for the 'Trail' Campaign. Organized by the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing in association with the 4As for the 5th consecutive year the Effie Awards is the only global accolade in Sri Lanka that recognizes achievement in meeting and exceeding marketing communications objectives.

Since its inception in 2008 there has never been a Gold Effie awarded in Sri Lanka - Trail won the first and only gold in Sri Lankan Effie History.

We would like to congratulate WORDS Advertising as well as our other communications partners for their support:

• Website Partner : Ecologital

• Social Media Partner: Copacetic Media

• PR Partner : Ogilvy PR

• Media Partner : Ogilvy Media


Construction on the project has now commenced at the location in Tellipalai, Jaffna with progress on track for completion next year. The teams on the ground are putting in a tremendous effort and we would like to acknowledge the dedication with which all the different parties are coming together to make this Cancer Unit a reality.

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Construction of Cancer Ward in Jaffna to commence

The Ministry of Health, Colours of Courage Trust and Trail are proud to announce the awarding of the building contract of the cancer ward at the Tellipalai Hospital Jaffna to
Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd.


Trail - the Journey by the Living, for Life concluded on 27th July 2011.



During the last year, the Colours of Courage Trust has been continuing to solicit fundraising to reach the target of US$ 2 mn. To-date Trail has raised over Rs. 180 mn and a further Rs. 30 mn in equipment towards the construction. Further, the Colours of Courage Trust has been working with the Ministry of Health in formulating the Memorandum of Understanding which was signed in March this year which has paved the way to commence work on the project. Following this tenders were called for, from 5 reputed construction
The tenders were carefully evaluated and a due diligence done by an independent consultant after which the Colours of Courage Trust decided to award the contract to Sanken Construction (Pvt) Ltd. This decision was supported and approved by the Ministry of Health. The decision to award the contract to Sanken was based on
professional services, compliance, projects done including hospital projects undertaken by Sanken. Further a key factor in deciding to award the contract to Sanken was also due to their presence in the North which would no doubt contribute towards ensuring the project is overlooked and completed in the time frame of 12 – 15 months.

The Tellipalai project comprises of 3 phases :

  • Phase1:

Completion of the Construction of the Radiation Treatment Wards for Male and Female
Patients at Tellipalai. (60 Bed Facility)

  • Phase 2

Pediatric High Dependency Unit at the Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

  • Phase3

Treatment Centre Funded by the Government (Tellipalai)

Of these 3 phases, the Colours of Courage Trust will fund phase 1 and 2 of the project which is in the region of Rs. 216 mn.

The above projects are done with the aim of building a Regional Centre of Excellence for the Treatment of cancer patients in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

Cancer treatment facilities were temporarily provided at the Teaching Hospital from December 2004 to July 2010 at the Neuro Surgical ward. Subsequently two new wards were allocated for male and females. However, children suffering from cancer are kept in the female medical ward with limited facilities. As a majority of the children are leukaemia patients a separate ward has become a dire necessity at the hospital. With no space available for expansion at the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna, the requirement is a 30 bed ward for males and females at the Base Hospital, Tellipalai, as part of extension of the Radiation Oncology Unit. This Medical Oncology Unit functioning at TH Jaffna, is the only place that provides Chemotherapy in the entire Northern Region.

The Radiation Oncology Unit situated at Base Hospital, Tellipalai, is nearly 16kms away from the Teaching Hospital Jaffna. It has been functioning since June 2005 with a limited Radiation Treatment facility using Cobalt machine. Cancer patients who come for radiation treatment travel from their homes and some patients stay at the Cancer Ward of the Teaching Hospital, Jaffna where ambulances transport the patients back and forth. However, with the construction of the Cancer Unit at the Tellipalai Hospital patients who require radiation treatment can be warded at the Tellipalai Hospital without having to be transported from the Teaching Hospital Jaffna. Further, this will also free up more space for the Pediatric High Dependency Unit at Jaffna Teaching Hospital.

It was with the aim of building a Cancer Ward in the North that Trail was initiated and the Colours of Courage Trust and Trail are proud to be associated with the Ministry of Health in funding the construction of this unit Tellipalai Hospital.

The government of Sri Lanka, Hon. Basil Rajapakse – Minister of Economic Development, Hon. Maithripala Sirisena – Minister of Health, Hon. Namal Rajapakse – Member of Parliament and Hon. G. A. Chandrasiri - Governor of the Northern Province have extended immense support to the Colours of Courage Trust and to Trail since the inception of the walk in expediting the various approvals required to get the project off the ground.

Trail and the Colours of Courage Trust extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to the government and the Ministries, all sponsors, donors, walkers and well-wishers for their support, encouragement and generous contributions without which a project of this magnitude wouldn’t have been possible.

The Colours of Courage Trust was founded in 2008 to address the needs of the National Cancer Institute, Maharagama. The Board of Directors of the Trust comprise of eminent business leaders in their respective fields – Mr R Theagarajah – Hatton National Bank, Dr Hans Wijayasuriya – Dialog Telekom, Dian Gomes, MAS Intimates, R Seevaratnam – Lanka Aluminium, Amila Fernando – Julius & Creasy, Anushman Rajaratnam – Lankem Ceylon Plc., Mahela Jayawardena - Sri Lanka Cricket, Nathan Sivagananathan – MAS Intimates-MAS Design.

Please visit www.trailsl.com and www.coloursofcourage.com for more information on the activities of the Colours of Courage Trust and how you can support or donate towards the fund.


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Jaffna Cancer Hospital Project Update

The 28th of October 2011 saw the plans for the Radiation Treatment Centre at Tellipalai finalized by the Secretary of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Northern Province. The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for this project has been drafted and overlooked by the Legal Division of the MOH & The National Health Development Fund of Sri Lanka. The project details have now been passed on to the Planning Department of the MOH in order to obtain National Planning Approval. Adhering to Government regulations that require both National Planning and Cabinet approval, the MOU will be signed soon after the Treatment Centre plan is given rightful consent by these authorities.

Carrying out the necessary pre-planning till then, a team of engineers visited the construction site on the 5th of November, 2011, conducting the required soil test prior to construction. The Bill of Quantities (BOQ) for the project has been completed, with the team currently in the process of selecting contractors mobilized in Jaffna.

With the dawn of a new year, we hope to commence construction of the Radiation Treatment Centre in January 2012, due to the prevailing weather conditions in the Northern Province.

Thank you once again for your support and generous donations. Please pass on to your family, friends and colleagues who may be interested in supporting the Trail Fund.

Please visit our websites www.trailsl.com and www.coloursofcourage.com for more information.

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Trail SL Fundraising efforts continue with unique initiatives

Karthi and the Dubai Cycle Challenge

Dubai based Race Horse Trainer and Equine Dentist, Karthi Selvaratnam is set to compete in the 92km Dubai Cycle Challenge Race on the 16th of December. An old Thomian, Karthi is looking forward to his debut in the race. The race which is in its second year is open to Professionals and Amateur cyclists and will attract contestants from all over the world. The race is organised by the Dubai Sports Council and is gaining immense popularity in the cycling world. Karthi is in the race purely to raise funds for Trail. He feels the race itself being an international event will give exposure to TRAIL and will help the cause for the eventual goal of building a Cancer Unit in Jaffna.

You can donate to his efforts via our website.


Spin a Disc for Trail

The event held in October was a re-union event for us all with over 200 in attendance. The night saw the likes of DJ’s Harpo and Tareeq spin old records as we raised over Rs. 400,000 in aid of TRAIL


We’ve also had some very generous donations of equipment in the form of 60 beds for the new unit by Nippon Foams as well as a much needed Ultra Sound scanner by Serendipol Ltd.

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In Remembrance of Mr. R. Senathi Rajah

The Colours of Courage Trust acknowledges with deep sorrow the passing away of Mr. R. Senathi Rajah, Senior Partner of Julius and Creasy - Attorneys at Law, and member of the Board of Directors of the Trust. Mr. Senathi Rajah showed total commitment and dedication not only to his legal profession, but also towards the fight against cancer, dedicated to supporting in the upliftment of cancer care facilities in Sri Lanka. He was unanimously appointed the first Chairman of the Colours of Courage (COC) Trust by the Board of Directors due to the credibility and recognition he earned among his colleagues.

His leadership shone through even during his last days, attending all fund raising activities on behalf of the Colours of Courage Trust, never failing in his responsibilities. His generosity was unlimited
throughout all projects initiated by the COC, offering advice where his experience and support was needed. A distinguished gentleman, Mr. Senathi Rajah always had time to listen to his colleagues
and subordinates, providing guidance in their time of need, encouraging them to reach their highest potential, all the while recognizing and rewarding excellence.

He will be remembered and truly missed for the exemplary leader, generous benefactor and humble individual he was.

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Trail, Sri Lanka Progress: Update # 1

Dear Donor,

It is almost one month since the completion of Trail and to-date we have raised over US$1.5 mn in aid of the Pediatric Cancer Ward, in Jaffna.

Below is an update on where we are on the project to-date. We will be sending you a regular progress of the project.

The team is currently working on the MOU with the Ministry of Health. In addition, the Trail team is also liaising with the architect to finalize the plans which will then be put forth for approval to the Ministry of Health.

The final Bill of Material is also in the process of being completed and once this is done Trail will be calling for tenders within the next two weeks.

Donors have also pledged to support the building of the unit indicating their interest to supply machinery, floor tiles and paint. These contributions will no doubt exceed the US$ 1.5 mn already raised.

Other events

It is heartening to note that since the completion of Trail, we have had several people coming forward to help support the Trail fund and thus far the below have been organized.

  1. “All of the Lights” — a musical concert featuring local artistes and upcoming young talent which generated Rs. 750,000/=
  2. charity dinner organized by a well wisher — Herbert Fernando in Melbourne, Australia which raised US$ 3,055/=.
  3. Regatta — TRAIL merchandise was sold at the Bolgoda regatta with participation of schools throughout the island raising over Rs.15,000 towards the project
  4. Rukshan Perera Live in Concert — proceeds of the concert donated towards the project
  5. Also planned is a show by the DJs of Yesteryear to be held in October at Park Street Mews with an array of unique initiatives including a live auction of cricket memorabilia and tickets to the victoria's secret fashion show

Auction on Website

Trail has also launched the Auction on the website where tickets for the glamorous Victoria's Secret Fashion Show donated by Limited Brands USA, airline tickets courtesy of Etihad Airways and American Airlines and cricket memorabilia will be auctioned. Trail also aims to sell 100,000 bricks through the ‘buy-a-brick’ campaign. You can bid for the auction items or support the brick campaign by visiting www.trailsl.com/auction and http://www.trailsl.com/?page=brick.

Thank you once again for your support and generous donations. Please pass on to your family, friends and colleagues who may be interested in supporting the Trail Fund.

Please visit our websites www.trailsl.com and www.coloursofcourage.com for more information.


Trail Team


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Nathan Blogs: Day 9 to Day 12 of Trail, Sri Lanka.

Day 9

As we left the outskirts of Colombo over 800 people flocked together and commenced on the 25 Km journey to Kochchikade I was touched as we all have been over the past few days by the Sri Lankan spirit of generosity seen in the actions of many en-route. To us it was always about engaging communities across Sri Lanka to feel our passion towards this cause and contribute but the response we have received has far exceeded the expectations we set out with. The day was rife with anticipation, excitement and a sense of pride at being part of an island nation that hasn't forgotten what it is to truly  give! We arrived in Kochchikade a group of travelers tired and yet excited at the prospect of the journey ahead! Tonight 'Colombo Flavours'

Day 10

A more trying days for walkers today as the hills and turns of Pannala made walking somewhat more tiring as we trudged onwards! However the fields of paddy and the expanse of acres upon acres of greenery was refreshing as we enjoyed a cool breeze and sing a long on the way. As we entered Pannala town the contribution of one 5 year old's collection till towards TRAIL had us all emotional as we pondered just how much that contribution meant! Guided by a  motor cycle fleet and encouraged by the sounds of a good old pappare we completed our journey of 23 Km to the welcome of  towns folk who had lined the streets with shouts of encouragement. Tomorrow onwards to Dampalessa......


Day 11

A religious blessing commenced activities for the day as we all reflected on the 10 days passed and the 17 days ahead! We set off with a crowd of thousand strong - a group of individuals heading north on a trek in our fight against cancer! The hilly terrain  continued to be a challenge as we forged onwards greeted by communities who opened their hearts to us. Today's walk epitomized the determination and enthusiasm that has become the cornerstone for all those on the TRAIL as we passed diverse terrain and enjoyed the scenic beauty that is Sri Lanka.

Day 12

We set off from Dampalessa to one of Sri Lanka's ancient citadel's - Kurunegala. The refreshment stops were many as folks came out of their homes to offer us everything from Avocado Juice to thabili! The city of Kurunegala was abuzz with activity and the sounds of merriment as we approached amidst a refreshing shower that only served to invigorate us all! A troupe of Veddah's also joined us en-route taking us back to Sri Lanka in days gone by. The group that entered Kurunegala was over a 1000 strong as more Sri Lankans join us each day .........we continue stronger everyday and more determined!

We've reached Rs. 100 million as of 12 JULY 2011. We still have another Rs. 100 million to raise. Please lend your support! For more information, read our blog post on how you can donate.


Nathan Blogs: Day Four of Trail Sri Lanka

And the promise of yet another bright sunny day.  At 0545 am we were blessed at the Seenigama Dewala and set off for the 26 km trek to Kosgoda.  The heat and humidity was high but that didn’t deter us though our pace was slow and it took most of the walkers almost 5 hours to complete the 26 km trek amidst much difficulty. But, what a lovely sight met us when we reached Kosgoda - our end point for the day ---  More than 500 smiling faces greeted us showering their blessings and wishes on us.  All that difficulty made our cause worthwhile and in a true spirit of peace and camaraderie we released 10 white doves. Ah, and what of the Trail Blazers?  The 15 of us are still going strong other than a few blisters, sore feet and achy bodies. That marks the end of yet another day of trekking.  Tomorrow a new day begins and there’ll be more updates for you.





Trail Walkers’ stories: From a 67 year old cancer survivor

I have just completed Zone 1 of the Trail, From Dondra to Seenigama , aprox 78  kilometers. There are blisters under my feet. But I feel proud to take part . I feel proud to have met Sarindu and Nathan, Two great people with a vision.  Proud to walk with all those who took part. Young and old, male or female who showed the spirit needed to make this great vision a success.I may think I am old (67 Years) but Stanley Unamboowe (father of Sarindu) is 79 years was also on the walk for 3 days and still going,

Sir, I salute you.

Why did I do this? It was for my wife. She was 56 years in Jan 2009 when she fell sick and was in and out of hospital but it was only on the 5th of June that we discovered she had Pancreas cancer, one of the most painful cancers.. It was too late to operate as the cancer was over the arteries too. But I refused to give up, She did not too. She fought for me. She fought for 6 months in agonizing pain every day. She was 60 kilos and finally ended at 30 kilos. I t was heartbreaking to see her everyday and care for her , but I had to as she was my wife for 37 years.  I am sure out there are people who suffered tha same way.

In November 2009 just 1 ½ years ago I could not bear to see her suffer anymore and asked her to go and she passed away.The cancer was discovered too late. I would not like this to happen to anyone else. So I support Trail and the Vision. And I say cancer can be cured if it is discovered in time. How sure am  I of this? Because I am a cancer survivor. I had colon cancer in July 2003. Blood was found in my stools, I immediately saw a doctor and tests were done. I had a 2 ½ cm growth near my sphincter muscle which was malignant.We operated immediately and 18 inches of my Colon was cut off, It was a 5 ½ hour operation and I lost 6.5 kilos. I had a colonoscopy bag for 3 months. But I survived. I am a fighter and always think positively

Why  did I Survive? Because the cancer was detected in time , we treated it immediately , I was physically fit and I had a positive mind, No giving up. This is what Trail is all about.

Collect 2 million Dollars and build a cancer hospital for children. Educate the people that they should check in time and if discovered the cancer can be cured .Hopefully there will be many children who will be detected in time and will be saved. You can help. I am proud to be associated with the team and wish them well and great success.They will collect what is needed as they are positive about it.You are going to help with your contribution.

Do it now and know that your little contribution is helping to save a life.

Good luck to all,

Michael Perera


‘Colombo Flavours’ – Food Festival in aid of Trail, Sri Lanka


On the 1st of July the people of Sri Lanka embarked on an epic journey. A walk beginning at the southernmost tip of the island, culminating in the north. In a nationwide effort and as a symbol of unity, people from all walks of life will journey onwards with a single goal in mind- toraise 2 million USD towards building a pediatric cancer ward in the Jaffna General Hospital. THIS  is Trail.
In line with the activities planned for TRAIL, a 27-day walk from the South to the North of the country with the aim of raising funds to build a paediatric cancer ward for the Jaffna Teaching Hospital, a unique fund-raising initiative, a food festival titled ‘Colombo Flavours’ will be taking place on the 8th and 9th of July from 7pm- midnight at Green Path in Colombo.

The food festival is to coincide with the TRAIL walk’s entrance into Colombo, where top hotels and restaurants in Sri Lanka will come together to feature cuisines which are indigenous to the North and South regions of the island. ‘Colombo Flavours’ will feature the Hilton, Cinnamon Lakeside, Galadari,Ramada, Mango Tree and Raja Bojun among its participants.

Brand Ambassador for ‘Colombo Flavours’, Otara Gunawardene commenting on the initiative said, “Trail is the result of a team of dedicated individuals with a vision to improve the lives of children in need. It is a great pleasure to be a part of this worthy cause. You too can support this cause by visiting the ‘Colombo Flavours’ food festival.”

‘Colombo Flavours’ will also feature entertainment performances by Misty and Naadro in additionto creating a fun-filled atmosphere for children by putting together a children’s carnival zone at the venue. All funds raised at the entrance will be channelled directly towards the paediatric cancer ward in Jaffna. ‘Colombo Flavours’ is organized in conjunction with Sri Lanka Tourism and sponsored by Lily Pharmaceuticals among many others.

Trail, titled “A journey by the living, for life” is organized by the Colours of Courage Trust, a non-profitorganization together with like-minded partners dedicated to uplifting cancer treatment facilities at the NCI and in Sri Lanka. Colours of Courage Trust have carried out similar initiatives in the past and the funds collected are now being used to build the Medical and Surgical Intensive Care Units of the National Cancer Institute.

For more information on how to donate to Trail, please read this,